The Landlord of My Garden ﷺ

10 Mar

The Path is lengthy
But provision is present
My heart is nourished
By the fruits of a garden
That in my heart flourished
Watered by the rivers
Of Divine Remembrance
Tended by Nobility
Of Holy Descendance
The Light their hearts carry
Bringing life to the seedlings
So the discoloured heart
Burst in splendour with meanings
This heart, these acres
The Landlord is Muhammadﷺ
This mind, this Soul
Their Imam is Muhammadﷺ
The Path is lengthy
But Provision is present
In “I bear witness to
The Prophethood of Muhammadﷺ”
This Floodgate of Mercyﷺ
Is opened for all
They sure will be quenched
Who respond to the call
Those upon whose lips
This nectar has trickled
Even a whiff of its fragrance
Rendered their heart brittle
Those yearning for Muhammadﷺ
Will be with Muhammadﷺ
Those who cling to Muhammadﷺ
See the Lord of Muhammadﷺ

– Lounès

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