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31 Dec

The Name of Allah(swt)

30 Dec
Source – Shaykh Hisham Kabbani

Wali Songo Trailer

30 Dec

Ya Samad x 500- to bring down ego

30 Dec
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On how to bring your ego down”Recite 500 times “Ya Samad” a day. Why? To take away the childish action of the ego. Why? Because the child has a childish ego, if he doesn’t get something he cries. When a child asks for something don’t give him. When he forgets then you give. But we have a problem: we have been raised on the ego. So the problem we have to recite “Ya Samad.” That is a secret to bring down the ego. So for everything there is sickness and there is a medicine. The awliyaullah give right medicine for the right sickness. If you want to benefit you must follow.”Sayyadi Mawlana Shaykh Hisham Kabbani©


28 Dec
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Bismillahi ‘r-Rahmani ‘r-Raheem Prophet Muhammad (S.A.W) said: When you forget something, send durood upon me IN-SHA-ALLAH you will remember it. This is a very precious hadith dont keep it yourself share it!

For the night of desires

27 Dec


For the night of desires. When the Prophet Muhammad passed from his father to mother. (The first Thursday of the lunar month of Rajab)


When you’ve truly bowed down and prostrated with intent of nearness to the Creator

Know that you’ve entered into Awareness of a community of light.

Through humility and love this community has a contagious way of

being ‘dressed’ and their radiance is your radiance on the uniqueness of your mirror.

The deeper the prostration
The deeper your mirror shines.

This is not simple unless humiltity has taken root in the heart.

This is not complicated when you listen from the depth of your heart and soul.

Try this sincerely.
You will not lose.


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He has Brought Together the Two Seas But They Do Not Mix

27 Dec
Thursday, Dec 26, 2013
Fenton, MI USA
“Oceans Meet but do not Mix”[He has Brought Together the Two Seas But They Do Not Mix Except from The Approachof Armageddon by Mawlana Shaykh Muhammad Hisham Kabbani]In these verses Allah swt is giving a compelling sign of His Power by that which is unimaginable in the realm of human experience:
?????? ????????????? ????????????? ??????????? ???????? ???? ??????????? He has let free the two seas to flow, meeting together. Between them is a barrier which they do not transgress. (ar-Rahman 55:19-21) These verses refer to two bodies of salt water which meet, but do not transgress, or mix together. The two bodies of water have between them a barrier (barzakh, isthmus). A cup of salt water and a cup of sugar water will mix together when poured into a container. Two cups of salt water will mix together very easily when combined as they contain the same solute. Yet this verse of the Qur’an says that the two bodies of salt water do not mix. 
The Prophet ? is describing a barrier, like the border of a country, which neither body of water can encroach upon or transgress. One would expect a huge body of water like the Atlantic Ocean to overrun the much smaller Mediterranean Sea, yet researchers have found that their waters do not mix. The waters of one body of water do not mix with the other, nor do the fish of the Atlantic cross into the Mediterranean and vice versa. A fish from one sea will become ill in the other. The water of each sea does not cross the invisible barrier between them, rather when they come to the barrier they descend and go back, not crossing.

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