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‘Defeated Was Rum, the Bastion of Kufr’ ~ Sultan ul-Awliya Mawlana Shaykh Nazim (Qs)

27 Nov

Sufi Qalam


Mawlana Shaykh Muhammad Nazim Al-Haqqani An-Naqshibendi (Qs), Sohbat of the 15th of November, 2013.


As-salamu Alaykum Ay Yaran Shah Mardan. O Yaran/lovers of Shah Mardan. Those who are close to our Lord, those who are close to our Lord, who are seeking honor from the Lord, welcome to our assembly. May our assembly be joyful and honorable. Marhaba – welcome O Yaran Shah Mardan. Let’s be clean. Let’s ask for cleanliness from our Lord. O Yaran Shah Mardan. Our Lord loves clean ones. O Yaran Shah Mardan, the holy ones. How nice to be close to our Lord, to take nur/light from our Lord. How nice to be close to our Lord.

Marhaba O Shah Mardan, marhaba. Welcome. Welcome. Those who are welcomed don’t leave empty-handed. They don’t leave empty-handed. Our Lord doesn’t send them away emptyhanded. As-salamu Alaykum/ greeting of peace O Yaran Shah Mardan. Our Lord gives us plenty. Our Lord does not send His…

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Graphic Design….

22 Nov

Foreplay of Eternity

21 Nov



Why still the mind?
So that it attends to the Reality of your Being

How still the mind? 

Harness and free it in a phrase that opens higher and higher truths! 

Why be subject to the chemicals in your brain?

Rather subject the brain’s juices to the Higher Energy that cradles Life Force. 

When you allow yourself to be governed by the Authority of Existence. 

permission is granted to govern these domains within you. 

This polishes down to service

The Mirror serves for reflection and correction…Adjustment. 

Humiliation and admiration

So smile into the Deepest Beauty with every layer of yourself. 

Where there is no longer punishment or reward. 

Only Love’s secrets and intimacies. 

Become acquainted then immersed. 

Until death appears as the deepest kiss.
The sweetest foreplay of Eternity!

‘Ya Wadud!’ Divine Attribute of loving familiarity. Repeat 100x for increased Divine Love

Photo and reflection by K. Ayubbi

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12 Favourite foods of Prophet Muhammad (salala la hu alhahi wasalam) & their advantages.

20 Nov
12 Favourite foods of Prophet Muhammad (salala la hu alhahi wasalam) & their advantages.

Close up of the 2 Seas (Mediterainian and Atlantic) that dont mix as mentioned in Surah Ar-Rahman. SubhanAllah

20 Nov
Close up of the 2 Seas (Mediterainian and Atlantic) that dont mix as mentioned in Surah Ar-Rahman. SubhanAllah

Jugular Vein

19 Nov



Whether things are going your way or not.

Know that The Goal is closer than your jugular vein.


Photo and reflection by K.Ayubbi

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16 Nov
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