Sayyidna Muhammad (Sallallahu Alayhi Wasallam) is Living as Long as the Message is Living (you must try more and more for akhira. then the connection between you and the Prophet (s) will move move move until you connect.

20 Oct

Sayyidna Muhammad Sallallahu Alayhi Wasallam is Living as Long as the Message is Living NEW!
Thursday, Oct 17, 2013
Mawlana Shaykh Hisham Kabbani
Sohba/Discourse – Fenton, MI USA
Advice is the way of Ahlussunnah wal Jama’ah. Ahlussunnah wal-Jamaat. Sayyidna Muhammad (pbuh) is living as long as the message is living. You need a guide to reach the presence of the Prophet (pbuh). If you follow one hadeeth correctly, it is enough for you for your whole life. Quran: “Say to them, if you love Allah, follow me…

Excerpt from Mawlana Shaykh Hisham Kabbani (qs) Subha! SubhanAllah!

“When Allah(swt) said, if you love Me, follow Muhammad(saw) Allah will love you is that for Sahaba or for whole Ummah? when Allah revealed that to Sahaba what did they do? they followed the Prophet (saw).

“Allah honored Sahaba. No one can be like them,to  be with the Prophet (saw). But that does not mean, as the “Ayah’ says, to follow the Prophet (saw), we are under that order to follow the Prophet (saw). To follow him in what. the reality of following is to see him. else you are blind. how are you going to follow.

Sahaba heard the Prophet (saw). Heard his voice. We did not hear the Prophet (saw). They heard his voice and were attracted, we must reach that reality in our ‘Hearts’.

These voices that come with inspiration ‘ilham’, to follow the Prophet (saw). Are we seeing the Prophet (saw)? no. Then what happened? that means there is a block there.

In the heavenly pipe from the Prophet (saw)’s heart to whole Ummah’s heart. there is a connection. But it is blocked somewhere.

Who can rebuild it? Those who are there. Those who reached the Prophet (saw). From the shuyookh that Islamic history is full of them. They are the inheritors of the Prophet (saw). They guide the Ummah to reach the Prophet (saw).

And when you reach that light of the Prophet (saw), from it the whole universe, the whole creation is created, and you will be connecting yourself with everyone. You will be connecting yourself with the realigty of the Prophet (s). you will be connecting yourslef with realities of all Prophets. You will be connecting yourself with all Sahaba, their realities. You will be connecting with all realities of all Awliyaullah.

Today I am sitting downstairs and he sent me a message, “group chat”

one message he pressed the button and it went might be to 100s. one message went to hundreds. the other sent message it might be went to other hundreds. the other this. We sent Eid Mubarak to 30,000 with one button with our email list.

google, how many can they send in one button. engineer? [one billion] one in one minute reach everyone. one button.

the Prophet (saw) doesn’t need buttons. Anyone whose email is open the Prophet (saw) will reach him immediately. He will reach the whole humanity. because they are created from his Light. All creation is created from the Light of the Prophet (saw).

Excuse me, O Prophet, if I didn’ describe as you should be, your beauty cannot be described.

One atom of Your beauty came from Allah to Yusuf and made him the most beautiful person on earth. From one atom of his Light. What if 2 atoms, 3 atoms, millions and billions of atoms. that is why the meaning of ‘w`alamoo anna feekum rasoolullah’. Now that the Prophet (saw) is in you, among you with you.

and on other side you order us ya Allah to follow Muhammad(saw). He is in you, among you between you follow him and catch him.

I give an oath verily that if the Pen would have begun to write from beginning to end it would never give the Prophet’s beauty. Wallahi if the Grave of the Prophet (saw) wil blossom the Light will shine and the moon will disappear.

W’Allahi if all intelligent people and scholars and poets would have tried to write your description they would not have been able to write anything about what you are. ya Muhammad. that is why The Holy Prophet(saw) said, Allah sent me to perfect the Ummah. ‘innamaa bu`ithtu li utammimu makaarim al-akhlaaq’. I have been sent to complete the connection with me, with moral excellence in order to perfect everyone and complete him perfectly. That is why in his life he was never `aboos, never grouchy nor does he ever put down anyone nor show any frown in his face and never spoke something except that you get reward from it.

That means he never spoke about dunya. He was advising and urging his Sahaba to do everything for Akhira. They have to live in dunya and they can do what they want to do in dunya but to do more for Akhira. As Sayyidina ‘Ali (r) said, go the other way more towards Akhira.

`amal li-dunyaaka ka-annaka ta`ayshu abadan wa `amal li akhiratika ka annaka tamootu ghadan’.Work for your life as if you are going to live forever and work for the next life as if you are gong to die tomorrow.That mean you don’t care about this life.

You dont know if you stay in dunya or not. You must try more and more for Akhira. Then the connection between you and the Prophet (saw) will move move move until you connect.

‘kaana Rasoolullahi (saw)’ from his description, ‘yuhibba at-tayammum fee kulli umoorihi’. The Prophet (saw) likes to do the “right” way from everything. And that means we are rightists, and not leftists in the political meaning. He used to love halwa, sweets and honey, and kutha, like cucumbers, they are small cucumbers in middle east, something similar to that but not cucumbers .and he used to mix with dates. he used to wear a ring in his right hand written on it Muhammad Rasoolullah.

We stop here and ask Allah to keep us as Ahl as-Sunnah wa ‘l-Jama’ah and to keep being guided by his message to reach his presence. wa min Allah at-tawfeeq bi hurmati ‘l-Fatiha

Source – This excerpt copied from SufiLive Chat log.


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