Surah Al-Khaf (The Cave)- 18: 100-110

11 Jun

WaAAaradna jahannama yawma-ithinlilkafireena AAarda

Sahih International

And We will present Hell that Day to the Disbelievers, on display –


Allatheena kanat aAAyunuhumfee ghita-in AAan thikree wakanoo layastateeAAoona samAAa

Sahih International

Those whose eyes had been within a cover [removed] from My remembrance, and they were not able to hear.


Afahasiba allatheena kafarooan yattakhithoo AAibadee min doonee awliyaainna aAAtadna jahannama lilkafireena nuzula

Sahih International

Then do those who disbelieve think that they can take My servants instead of Me as allies? Indeed, We have prepared Hell for the disbelievers as a lodging.


Qul hal nunabbi-okum bil-akhsareenaaAAmala

Sahih International

Say, [O Muhammad], “Shall we [believers] inform you of the greatest losers as to [their] deeds?


Allatheena dalla saAAyuhumfee alhayati addunya wahum yahsaboonaannahum yuhsinoona sunAAa

Sahih International

[They are] those whose effort is lost in worldly life, while they think that they are doing well in work.”


Ola-ika allatheena kafaroobi-ayati rabbihim waliqa-ihi fahabitataAAmaluhum fala nuqeemu lahum yawma alqiyamatiwazna

Sahih International

Those are the ones who disbelieve in the verses of their Lord and in [their] meeting Him, so their deeds have become worthless; and We will not assign to them on the Day of Resurrection any importance.


Thalika jazaohum jahannamubima kafaroo wattakhathoo ayateewarusulee huzuwa

Sahih International

That is their recompense – Hell – for what they denied and [because] they took My signs and My messengers in ridicule.


Inna allatheena amanoowaAAamiloo assalihati kanat lahumjannatu alfirdawsi nuzula

Sahih International

Indeed, those who have believed and done righteous deeds – they will have the Gardens of Paradise as a lodging,


Khalideena feeha layabghoona AAanha hiwala

Sahih International

Wherein they abide eternally. They will not desire from it any transfer.


Qul law kana albahru midadanlikalimati rabbee lanafida albahru qabla an tanfadakalimatu rabbee walaw ji/na bimithlihi madada

Sahih International

Say, “If the sea were ink for [writing] the words of my Lord, the sea would be exhausted before the words of my Lord were exhausted, even if We brought the like of it as a supplement.”


Qul innama ana basharunmithlukum yooha ilayya annama ilahukum ilahunwahidun faman kana yarjoo liqaa rabbihifalyaAAmal AAamalan salihan wala yushrikbiAAibadati rabbihi ahada

Sahih International

Say, “I am only a man like you, to whom has been revealed that your god is one God. So whoever would hope for the meeting with his Lord – let him do righteous work and not associate in the worship of his Lord anyone.”


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