When Allah Loves You Everything Opens

10 Jun

Source- SufiLive .com
When Allah Loves You Everything Opens
Mawlana Shaykh Hisham Kabbani
Nasheed and sallawat followed by suhbah teaching of Shaykh Hisham Kabbani.
Our GPS is Ilahm (inspiration to the heart). When Allah loves you everything opens. How do we reach for Allah to love us. How to open the 2 locks for the divine presence?
Sohba/Discourse – Singapore Singapore
Recorded: Sunday, Jun 09, 2013

from my notes-

Every person has GPS. Our GPs is Ilham(inspiration to the heart)

We are like at the beginning of a Highway.If you exit Highway, you fall into trouble.

Allah(swt) put us on the Highway, and there are too many exits on it. If we follow shaytan, we might take and exit, and have to find our way back again.

If we keep following the HighWay without exiting, we will come to all kinds of beautiful things.

The Highway is “Siratul Mustaqeem”.

If you stay on it you will reach Paradise.You are less than two feet to Paradise.

When Allah(swt) Loves you everything opens for you.
Allah Loves you through Voluntary Worship.

In our life there are two keys.

How to get Main Lock to open.

Through two things- Dhikrullah and Salawat on Prophet(saw).
How to Obey Allah(swt)-make Salawat on Prophet(saw).
One of the Main Keys to get the Love of Allah(swt) is Salawat on Prophet(saw).
Salawat on Prophet, together with Dhikrullah.

Allah(swt) is always helping us to keep on The Highway.

Every Muslim is going to be safe, but those who keep diligently on “Siratul Mustaqeem” will be on higher level.

You can dive into The Ocean of Prophet(saw).

To reach the end of “Siratul Mustaqeem”, you need Salawat and Dhikrullah.

Some Mureeds make more than 20,000 Salawat a day. There was one Mureed, who made Million Salawat a day. He would go to the beach, after Fajr Prayers, and then run his hand around his 200 bead tasbih, counting each round as 200. Mawlana Says, it is the Pure Intention that matters. If you sincerely believe that you have done 200 Salawat in one round, then it will be so. It all depends on sincerity.

Grand Shaykh(q) said when someone wants to go on Hajj, he must take the cream of his wealth. Meaning pure earnings. But Ziyarah to Prophet(saw), even if the money is not clean, it will be accepted, because Prophet(saw) will clean it anyway.
Allah(swt) gave Prophet(saw) the ability to correct and fix. Allah(swt) gave Prophet(saw) permission for Shifaa (to intercede for us).

Visiting the Holy Grave of Prophet(saw) or visiting through Salawat, Prophet(saw) responds, from his Love for Ummati. He(saw)will answer.

The meaning of Naqshbandi –
“When you do lot of Dhikrullah, your heart will be engraved with Dhikrullah!
Naqsh- means Heart becomes engraved.
Band- means to connect.”

We are following the Madhab of Imam Shafii(Q).
The taste from Naqshbandi.

Shaykh Hisham(Q) recommends to study and work hard. And share your wealth with the poor.

“Rabbana Atina fid dunya Hasanatan” – O My Lord, give us in Dunya and Ahkirah.

ps – These are my notes from my understanding of the Subah.


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